Advancing Food Quality and Dining Experience in the Restaurant Industry

In this episode, we speak with Maria Frank, Marketing Director of Baton Rouge’s Grillhouse and Bar, about the importance of food quality and how the restaurant is refining their services and creating a stellar guest experience. She discussed  Baton Rouge has a presence in 28 locations and how they are developing, as well as how their core cuisine is known for ribs, signature barbeque, and pork ribs, which reflect their sales mix. We also discussed how they handled challenges during the pandemic, as well as how they worked on marketing strategies on social media and built relationships with their customers. She discussed supply chain concerns and how to collaborate with suppliers to sustain additional increase in supply chain staffing.We spoke about how they are attempting to establish brand loyalty and how they retain it through marketing campaigns. She also discusses how the company helps its employees and franchisees.

About Baton Rouge – Based in Montreal, Quebec, an amazing dining experience beckons. Since its inception in 1992, Bâton Rouge’s mission has been to provide their guests with an appealing ambience, delicious quality cuisine, and exceptional service at each of their expanding number of locations. The beautiful décor and gracious hospitality of each Baton Rouge are designed to provide the ideal setting for any occasion. Their friendly and experienced staff will go out of their way to make you feel at ease and transform your dinner into an amazing dining experience.Their promess is “Come for the food, stay for the warmth, enjoy the moment”​.

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