Advancing Food Safety, Quality, and Freshness in the Logistics Industry

In this episode, Moses Akingbade, Vice President of Quality at VersaCold Logistics Services, covers how they ensure food safety, quality, and freshness in the logistics industry. He highlighted, in brief, how are they assisting customers in the supply chain as well as transportation networks. He also explained how they manage the cold chain and prevent food contamination during delivery. We discuss the method of tracking the warehouse management system process. He further emphasizes how environmental circumstances play a role in keeping food fresh throughout transit. We also discussed the alarm system and how the items are delivered to their clients securely while adhering to all standards.

VersaCold is a food-first supply chain company with one of North America’s largest cold supply networks. They are committed to assuring the safety, quality, and freshness of the food consumed by families. They operate as trusted partners to ensure cold chain integrity and give tailored solutions to complex business issues, with 65 years of expertise. And, because change is constant, they seek to remain at the forefront of strategic cooperation, proactive communication, and technical innovation in order to react to changing client demands.

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