Advancements in Innovative Microbial Solution for Sustainable Agriculture

In today’s episode, we spoke with Toni Bucci, Chief Operating Officer of AgBiome, Inc., about how they help growers protect their crops and farm sustainability. She describes how today’s growers are highly knowledgeable about soil health and strategies for farming more sustainably, and they are searching for creative solutions to decrease synthetic inputs while maintaining the microbial diversity that leads to higher yield. We spoke about how they use microorganisms to improve global food production. Toni talks about AgBiome’s products, agriculture’s expanding biological section, and how consumer purchasing habits have changed producers’ input options. We discussed the challenges in the supply chain industry and how live organisms need to be kept in cold. She also shared about they have received the B-Corp Certification and how they also work their products from the consumer buying trends perspective and why clean labels matters in the products.

AgBiome is situated in North Carolina and partners with the microbial world to enhance the globe. AgBiome discovers and develops novel biological and trait products for crop protection. The patented GENESIS discovery platform quickly collects varied, unique microorganisms for agriculturally relevant applications and tests them using industry-best assays for insect, disease, and nematode management. AgBiome’s commercial division develops and distributes unique crop protection technologies.

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