Algae As The Food of The Future

In today’s episode, Alessandra Amato, Co-Founder & COO of Algi Foods, discusses how customers are focusing on sustainability and transparency in the food market. She also mentioned how they have embraced the most recent innovations and technologies.

After various food mishaps and scandals in the past, food chains must become more sustainable in order to reclaim and maintain customer trust. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their food, its provenance, and the long-term viability of the procedures that produce and supply it.

Owner, Mel, started her own health journey a few years ago when she wanted to improve her mental and physical health and kick diet culture. As a food lover and cook, she didn’t want to compromise on eating her favorite comfort foods while navigating what affected her mental and physical health. She saw a gap in the market for really tasty versions of comfort food.

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