Approach for Integrating Sustainability into Food System

In today’s episode of Future Food Cast, our guest speaker, Lisia Spellman, Sustainability Director for Compass Group at the University of Pittsburgh, discusses measures toward a sustainable food system. She also considers the reusable container program as part of the campus sustainability initiatives, which aids in decreasing food waste at the rear of the house. Along with another initiative aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions, the program works for environmental targets.

Compass Group PLC, situated in Chertsey, Surrey, is a world-leading food and support services company with a history that can be traced back over 60 years. They operate in around 45 countries, employ 550,000 people, and provides over 5.5 billion meals every year. With an established brand portfolio, the company specializes in supplying food and a variety of support services throughout the primary areas of Business & Industry, Healthcare & Seniors, Education, Defence, Offshore & Remote, Sports & Leisure, and Vending. They continue to set the benchmark for food and service quality by integrating new ideas with the greatest talent in the industry.

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