Artisan Food & Innovation: Navigating the Path to Sustainable Sourcing

In this episode, Paul Bowler, Vice President of the Bakery/Cafe, Cheese, and Deli at Plum Market, discusses how the company is using technology and sustainable practices to stay ahead of the curve in the artisan foods industry. Plum Market began as a single store in 2007 and has since expanded to include multiple locations, including Miami and airport outlets. The company leverages technology for online ordering, Instacart, and customer movement analysis with heatmaps. This data helps Plum Market to optimize its product placement and improve the customer experience.

In terms of sustainable sourcing, Plum Market is committed to using ingredients that are sourced from responsible producers. The company works with local farmers and suppliers whenever possible. Plum Market also has a number of sustainability initiatives in place, such as a composting program and a recycling program. Know more at

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