Autonomous Robotic Restaurants: Transforming the Future of Food Industry

Nipun Sharma, CEO & Co-Founder of SJW Food Robotics, Inc, talks about how robotic restaurant automation can be a game-changer in the food industry. Nipun gave a brief history of his background and how the SJW Robotics Food was created. We also talked about how the entire business model works and how they had a vision for the future generation of quick-service restaurants, which was significant. He also stated that carbon neutrality and sustainability are vital components of his business in terms of food safety and full traceability. We also discussed designer recipes and how they source ingredients and ensure quality by making sure that the impact of machine limitations is not limited to the food that they produce but to greater perfection in taste, as well as how machines do all the hardware robotic stuff that is controlled by programming.

SJW Food Robotics, Inc is a pioneering FoodTech firm situated in Toronto, Canada that develops autonomous kitchen robotic systems for the hospitality market. The company’s multi-disciplinary core team aims to reshape the foodservice industry through scalable and profitable automated solutions – merging the art of cooking with the science of automation – drawing on sixty years of combined experience in autonomous machine engineering, restaurant concept development, and foodservice manufacturing.

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