Baking Innovation: Leveraging Technology to Drive Growth and Unique Flavors

In this episode, we speak with Anna Tibbits, Senior Manager-Partnerships of Crumble Cookies, about how they are enhancing their growth with technology in driving expansion and distinctive taste in their products to customers. Anna gave a brief history of Crumbl Cookies, which was founded in 2017 by two cousins in Logan, Utah. She provides insights on how they prepare social media marketing tactics to capture customers’ attention.  She talks about how the cookies taste and the various flavors.  She talks briefly about how the cookies are made and how, six months before they go on the market, they conduct intensive testing. They have fifty testing locations around the country, and they conduct surveys and collect feedback. We spoke about how the supply chain functions, what ingredients are used, and how they ensure the quality of cookies at all franchise sites. She mentions the user-friendly app for customers, where they can see what ingredients are used and how the process works. They also have an app for franchisees, where they can submit photos of cookies and let them know if the cookies were good or bad, and an Ai system that was built in-house by their tech team, if enough cornbread cookie say doesn’t have top to it, or the syrup was missing. They may then take it back, and the AI will notify them. Anna also talks about expanding new flavors, and they keep introducing new things to the menu every week.

About Crumbl Cookies – It all started with a grandiose dream, two crazy cousins, and the right blend of flour, sugar, and chocolate chips. Crumbl was founded in Logan, Utah, in 2017. Since then, more than 77 new stores have been built to feed the cookie needs of people in Nevada, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, Tennessee, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Utah. Crumbl is fast spreading across the country, with 50 new sites set to open this year.

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