Beyond Cocoa: Exploring the World of Chocolate Production and Innovation

Dive into the world of chocolate with Barry Callebaut Group ( , the world’s leading manufacturer. Explore the intricate details of chocolate making, from bean to bar, with a focus on quality control at every step, as explained by Mark Adriaenssens, Vice President of Research and Development Americas. Discover innovative creations like Ruby chocolate, and learn about allergen-free and plant-based options, catering to evolving preferences. Mark also delves into the potential health benefits of chocolate, emphasizing the importance of moderation while acknowledging its role in boosting energy and performance. Throughout, Barry Callebaut’s Group commitment to both customer needs and driving innovation in the chocolate industry shines through. With a global network and dedicated workforce, they ensure excellence at every step, from sourcing the finest cocoa beans to crafting exquisite chocolate experiences.

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