Beyond Organic: Navigating Quality and Transparency in Sustainable Animal Products

In this episode, we speak with Neil Dudley, Vice President at Pederson’s Natural Farms. We explore Pederson’s vertically integrated animal agriculture model, their strong emphasis on third-party verification, and their transparent approach to food production.

Based in Hamilton, Texas, Pederson’s Natural Farms has been a leader in crafting fresh and smoked natural meat products since 1992, specializing in bacon, hams, sausage, and more, all naturally cured for superior quality. What sets Pederson’s apart is their complete control of the production process, from owning farms to operating processing facilities and distribution centers. This vertical integration ensures top-notch quality and safety in their offerings. Additionally, Pederson’s is committed to third-party verification, holding certifications from Safe Quality Food (SQF), Global Animal Partnership (GAP), and Certified Humane, assuring consumers of their high standards for quality, safety, and animal welfare. Neil Dudley also shares insights into Pederson’s future plans and their ongoing efforts to meet the changing preferences and needs of consumers.

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