Brewing Brilliance: A Look at the Innovators of the Coffee Industry

This podcast episode features Tony Argiropoulos, the Founder of Ambros Coffee Roasters, who shares his insights into the coffee roasting industry. Tony discusses the importance of high-quality beans and how technology has improved consistency and quality in the coffee roasting process. He also shares his entrepreneurial journey and how Ambros Coffee Roasters started three years ago. Ambros Coffee distributes and retails its products online, through coffee shops, and grocery stores, and they source their coffee beans directly or through importers to preserve the natural flavor. Tony also talks about “the third wave” in coffee and how it has elevated the industry with specialty coffee. The advancement of technology has allowed for real-time adjustments during the roasting process, improving consistency in output. Additionally, Tony emphasizes how higher quality beans from higher altitudes provide more complexity in coffee beans. Lastly, Tony shares Ambros Coffee Roasters’ unique marketing approach and how storytelling plays a critical role in their brand, connecting with their audience on a deeper level by sharing the stories behind their coffee beans and the people who grow them.

Ambros Coffee Roasters is specialty coffee company established in Montreal, Canada, in 2020. With a passion for coffee rooted in history and ritual, sources high-quality beans from all over the world. Through careful roasting, they aim to highlight the unique character of each coffee, crafting indulgent blends with a style that is all their own.

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