Brewing Quality: Exploring the Power of Community in the Local Beer Industry

In this episode we have  guest speakers  Deb Loch, Co-Owner and Brewer, and Jill Pavlak, Co-Owner in Sales and Marketing, the visionary founders of Urban Growler Brewing Company. Discover how this small brewery in Saint Paul, Minnesota is making a big impact with its inclusive approach and mission to bring people together. Urban Growler Brewing, led by two women in a male-dominated industry, is breaking barriers and celebrating diversity. They are LBGTQ certified and produce non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring a welcoming environment for all, including families. Beyond brewing exceptional beers, Urban Growler provides versatile event spaces, catering to a variety of gatherings. Their ultimate goal is to be recognized as one of the top 10 breweries in Minnesota, known for their commitment to excellence.

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