Bringing Dignity to Food Insecurity and the Challenges of Food Waste

Hieke Morton, Executive Director of Gathering Markit Foods, discusses with our host Chris Raczkowski , how she approaches the challenges of food waste and food insecurity from a unique viewpoint. She also shared her views on how to find community and friendship, belonging, and acceptance at the Markit, where she can stock up on nutritious food selections. She covers low-cost and no-cost food options for anyone in the community who is experiencing food insecurity. She mentions meal kits as a vital service to assist those who need help cooking healthy meals with good quality healthy food items and no junk food. Traditional food stores with expired products and other food banks with extra stock provide important free food resources. Food waste is reduced thanks to Gather Markit.

Gathering Markit Foods is based out of Canada,is a Non – Profit Grocery Market. They collect rescued food products every week, allowing them to offer a variety of affordable fresh produce and grocery goods, as well as our ready-to-eat meal packages. They offer a shopping experience that is more like a helping hand than a giveaway. At the Markit, its clients can find community and companionship, as well as a sense of belonging and acceptance. They want to fill hearts with hope as well as shopping bags with healthy food options.

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