Bringing the Louisiana Tradition of Fresh Roasted Coffee into the Modern Era

Bert Dumas, Owner of Maison Bertrand Food Company,  speaks about the history of fine food that began in 1931, bringing Louisiana traditions and culture to the present period by using aged recipes. Maison Bertrand manufactures high-quality Louisiana cuisine products. Bert also gave insights on his objective of producing a good quality product while also producing a fantastic product that people love. He discussed how they roast coffee in genuine New Orleans flair and flavor, as well as how they make classic Louisiana pastries and desserts. He also discussed their marketing techniques for promoting their products, and how the preservation of the land is important for consumers who want to know where their products are coming from. We also talk a lot with Bert about his business and background, but also about his love for incorporating unique areas of sustainability into his business from everywhere. The cultural sustainability and promotion of a nearly century-old commodity all the way around the world to work with smallholder farmers to deliver really exceptional coffee beans.

Maison Bertrand began as the Monogram Coffee Company in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1931. Our distinctive chicory coffee is still the star of the show, just as it was when we first started. Today, however, they bring the appreciation of Louisiana heritage and culture to every product in our family. From freshly roasted coffee beans to flavor-packed apple cider caramels, they acknowledge all those who paved the path. That is why they roast coffee beans from local farmers in Ethiopian regions where the historical habit of coffee drinking originated.

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