Building a Sustainable Future by Reducing Food Waste

In the latest episode of Future Food Cast, Adi Ojha, CEO of FoodFund, interacts with our host Chris Raczkowski about how they aim to build a more sustainable future by eliminating food waste. He discussed their grocery delivery business and how they work with farmers, wholesalers, and greenhouse manufacturers to provide it to consumers. He also talked about his website, where clients may construct their own specific subscription. He also discussed how they keep the supply chain transparent and why consumers want to know where their food comes from. He also discussed how technology has contributed to the sustainability and transparency of the food supply chain.

FoodFund is based in Ontario, Canada, and its mission is to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger one harvest, one delivery, and one family at a time. They believe that every food deserves plates and all plates deserve food. This is why they get recovered fruit and vegetables from local farmers and bring them to consumers’ doors. These fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious, flavorful, and fresh as any other produce. Their monthly package is affordable, handy, customizable, and delectable.

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