Building Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Services to the Industry

In this episode, Alfred Scoglio, Founder of ALSCO Food Check Group, discusses the importance of food safety and how they provide a comprehensive plan in the food industry. He explained how they ensure food safety at supermarkets and restaurants, as well as suppliers and farms. We discussed the food code, which focuses on the causes of foodborne illness. We went through the regulations and compliances in great detail. He expressed his thoughts on how to assure food quality and safety in eateries. We went over the federal food code and the certificates that are necessary for great detail. He gave a quick overview of the food management certification programs, including training, tests, food allergens, and food handlers. He discussed the various food precautionary measures that restaurants and consumers can take at home.

ALSCO Food Check Group- A food safety consulting and training company based in Massachusetts. Serving the Food Industry with Safety. They conduct Food Manager Training Certification Courses, which are required by law for all restaurants and retail businesses. They also provide one-on-one consultations, audits, plan reviews, and HACCP plans.

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