Building Real Transparency Through Food Upcycling

The topic of today’s show is transparency through food upcycling. Our guest speaker, Khalil Khamis, CEO of Crafty Ramen, has a long personal and family history in the restaurant business, starting with a family-owned resto, growing into several Harvey’s locations, and acting as an Exec on Harvey’s franchise board. He spoke with our host Chris Raczkowski about how to combat food waste and promote transparency in food supply chains. He also discussed how modern technology is assisting in the distribution of items to customers. Khalil gave insights about how they are forging genuine connections in order to make an impact in the community. He also addressed how Crafty Ramen is aiming to reduce its environmental impact throughout its supply chain. He also discussed his approach to bringing sustainability benefits to his company and its products.

Crafty Ramen is based out of Ontario and takes pride in creating practically everything in-house, including their broths, toppings, and oils, as well as their own noodles from scratch. The menu is inspired by Japanese ramen and includes reworked traditional bowls with their own distinctive twists. They put an innovative Crafty twist on everything they do, regardless of the offering. Many of these ideas are influenced by their locality since they take care in using only the best local foods wherever feasible. They are always working to perfect all of their goods in order to achieve the ultimate aim of continuous improvement.

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