Canadian Pulses: Creating a Sustainable Food Future

In today’s podcast episode, we interviewed Chris Marinangeli, Senior Director, Research and Regulatory Affairs at Pulse Canada, about sustainability in the Pulse Sector and how they are addressing issues ranging from market opportunities to market access and regulations, innovative approaches to transparency, and everything in between.

Healthy food systems can play an important role in solving this problem when combined with other multisectoral efforts. It is difficult to contribute to better nutrition and health outcomes through food-based strategies. There are valuable conceptual frameworks and developing insights to consider when contemplating the role that pulses can play in resolving this dilemma.

Pulse Canada is the national association  for Canadian pulse producers, traders, and processors (dry peas, beans, lentils, and chickpeas). Pulse Canada works to diversify, stabilise, and sustain Canadian pulse demand by marketing the health and environmental benefits of pulses, accelerating research to create incentives to use pulses in the food and industrial industries, and collaborating with key stakeholders to develop food systems that prioritise health and sustainability.

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