Creating a Sustainable Food Future: A Look at End-to-End Solutions

In this episode, we speak with Art Bell, President of Kinetic 12, LLC, a consulting firm focused on the food industry. Art shares his insights about how his firm is working towards bringing together various stakeholders in the food industry, including restaurant operators, commercial food service places, distributors, manufacturers, and all partners. We discuss the business trends post-pandemic and how connectivity and collaboration are brewing in the food industry. Art also shares his views on sustainability, technology, supply chain needs, and how his firm works with IFMA and IFDA to help strategic partners, manufacturers, and operators. We also delve into the Emergence program, which focuses on emerging chains and allows manufacturers and distributors to grow their businesses. Art also talks about the key trends in technology and automation, and how transparency and data are becoming crucial in the food industry. Lastly, we discuss the supply chain issues, sourcing, and providing consumers better-quality products.

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