Creating a Sustainable Food Future: Innovative Fresh Produce Solutions

In this episode, Deep Silver, Senior Director of Marketing and Product Development at Boskovich Farms Inc, discusses how they innovate and sustainably produce their fresh produce. She discusses the history of Boskovich Farms and how the company is expanding in the fresh produce market. She talked about Fresh Prep, the company’s processing arm that grows, prepares, packs, and delivers green onions, cilantro, radishes, and other produce. She talked about how compostable packaging in products helps to reduce food waste while retaining quality and freshness. She discusses the products in the pipeline and how they are innovating in the plant-based food industry. She discussed the consumer perspective and how trends influence the food business. She also mentions Green Fork, a firm that offers salad kits, mixes, and delicate leaves in totally compostable packaging. She adds that they will soon launch Fair Earth Lines, certified CCOF, farmed organically, and feature chef-driven recipes.

Since 1915, the name Boskovich has been synonymous with fresh quality vegetables throughout California. Boskovich Farms has created a reputation over the years based on quality, ethics, and our ability to supply the finest products in North America. They manage and oversee every product and conduct every feasible component of the operation in-house, from planting to shipment. That is why they are the market leader in green onions, cilantro, radishes, and spinach.

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