Creating Local Canadian Sourced Hot Sauces with Balance!

In this episode, Chris Raczkowski speaks with Haico Krijgsman, Owner/Operator of Haico’s Hot Sauce, about how he is helping consumers in navigating the Canadian-made Hot Sauce. Haico talked briefly about his background and how he got started in the hot sauce industry. He also explored the parallels between the spicy sauce and craft beer businesses. We also discussed how he decided to create Ottawa’s first sauce expo in order to commemorate the expanding community of chili fans. We also spoke about Haico Hot Sauce’s marketing initiatives and how they promote locally based products.

Haico is based in Canada and is committed to conquering the globe with its flavorful and delectable Hot Sauce. This endeavor has resulted in an ever-increasing array of hot sauces ranging in intensity from moderate to wild. All peppers and the majority of the components are farmed in Ottawa.

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