Creating Plant-based Products to Drive Change in the Food System

In this episode, we speak with Hugo Perez, VP of Marketing at ZENB, about how they are working on plant-based products while respecting the parent company’s heritage and depth. He also highlights the importance of emotional connections in selling things to people. We also spoke about how their narrative approach to different cultures with plant-based products is vital for customers. Hugo also mentioned how they have collaborated with a number of major retailers to provide these dining events where they invite tastemakers. Food for business, industry, and healthcare And having a notable chef build a meal using these items and then allowing them to go out and be our frontline ambassadors informing people about it.

ZENB is established in Chicago, and its products are inspired by Zenbu, the Japanese word for wholeness. ZENB (pronounced Zen-B) products are designed with people and the environment in mind to help you live a wholesome, happy life. They are always innovating and educating on the advantages of nature’s limitless goodness. That’s why they’re so happy to provide their plant-based vegetable option for healthy eating on the road. Using as many of the vegetables that are generally discarded as possible — like as stems, skin, and seeds — they obtain greater nutritious value in a delightful snack that helps to reduce food waste in our world.

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