David Palmer Cultivates the Future of Food: How Tech is Transforming Agriculture

In this episode David Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Pairpoint (https://pairpoint.io/) by VODAFONE and author of  “The Business of Metaverse | Kogan Page (https://www.koganpage.com/digital-technology/the-business-of-metaverse-9781398613065). This episode dives into the food tech revolution, exploring how mobile phone technology empowers farmers, particularly in developing countries. Discover how platforms like M-Pesa drive financial inclusion for millions, while blockchain-powered smart contracts and IoT devices enhance food supply chain transparency and guarantee food safety. We’ll also delve into the potential of generative AI to optimize crop yields and market access for farmers. Additionally, the episode explores global initiatives with organizations like IBM to improve supply chain management using smart labels and sensors. Finally, we discuss how technology can promote sustainable agriculture through resource optimization, waste reduction, and support for eco-friendly practices. Listen now for insights into the transformative power of technology on the future of food and the importance of collaboration for global sustainability!

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