Digital Shelf Space- Exploring the Keys to Win in  the Food Industry

In this episode, we speak with SJ Petteruti, Director, Product Evangelist at Salsify, on how he analyses consumers and does research on how businesses handle product data. We discussed how Salsify, a commerce experience management platform, helps businesses in managing data linked to the products they generate in order to determine the value of such products from the consumers’ perspective. He also discussed the role of consumer-produced goods (CPG) in business from an educational standpoint. We discussed how vital it is to be consistent with product information from digital endpoints if one wants to be successful in the digital shelf space in the food industry. He discussed how the e-commerce market in grocery stores is growing and how it is creating consumer trust. He gave a quick overview of consumer trends, including how consumers see sustainability and why packaging is important to them. We discussed how sustainability is bridging the gap between the food business and consumers.

Salsify is based in Boston and helps brand manufacturers win on the digital shelf. The CommerceXM platform from Salsify integrates Product Experience Management (Integrated PIM, DAM, and Experience Builder) with fundamental commerce features to allow sales through retailer/distributor channels, marketplaces, social commerce, and direct-to-consumer (D2C) sites. Every day, the world’s largest companies, such as Mars, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Bosch, and GSK, utilize Salsify to stand out on the digital shelf.

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