Driving Development and Safety in the Food Industry with Analytical Lab Testing

In today’s episode, we spoke with Vanessa Snyder,  Business Development Director at Eurofins US, Food, Feed, and Supplement Testing, about how she provides customers with innovative, high-quality laboratory research and advising services in the food business. Vanessa discussed her history and her interest in dietary supplements. She offered a quick overview of how they support customers in third-party testing programs that require assistance in product development or consumer sensory research on nutritional supplements, as well as information on HEMP and CBD. We also discussed the necessity of labeling in testing from the company’s standpoint. She talked about the regulatory difficulties and how to get the product on the market. We also discussed the methods and techniques for determining the quality of food products. Vanessa shared her thoughts on nutritional ingredient labeling in supplements and how they establish methodologies to ensure that clients can appropriately label and identify active compounds. She spoke about the supplement market and how product testing occurs along the supply chain. She also expressed her enthusiasm for the industrial hemp sector, which supports the natural goods and supplement industries.

Eurofins US Food, Feed, and Supplement Testing is situated in Des Moines, Iowa. Eurofins’ US Food Testing Division is made up of a network of commercial testing facilities strategically positioned throughout the United States. Their scientific staff has years of experience with a wide range of laboratory testing methodologies, including wet chemistry, real-time quantitative PCR, and microbiological studies, and they have the most complete portfolio of food safety testing services in the business. Their vision is to be the bio-analytical testing firm of choice for the food, feed, pet food, animal health, dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries in the United States.

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