Driving Food Business Growth, Manufacturing, and Innovation

Jeff Grogg, Managing Director of JPG Resources and President at Snackwerks, discusses the latest trends and innovations in the food sector. Jeff discussed how JPG Resources provides solutions to organizations and brands in the natural and functional foods industry across a variety of business operations, as well as how he reinvented Snackwerks, which is dedicated to food safety and quality. We also addressed how the viewpoint of food business trends is changing and why consumers are more interested in knowing where their food originates from. He also discussed supply chain disruptions and how technology is being leveraged.

JPG, based in Michigan, is on a goal to provide actual business outcomes for its food and beverage customers. To create engaging goods and a flourishing business, a clear vision of the potential must be matched with expert know-how and persistent execution.SNACKWERKS was formed and is directed by a team of senior food industry executives. Snackwerks connects with developing brands from food companies of all sizes to deliver high quality and food safety requirements, as well as a hardworking, knowledgeable crew to give clients with a first-class experience.

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