Driving Growth, Innovation, and Sustainability in the Fresh Premium Chocolates

In this episode, Nathaneal Hausmann, President of Laderach North America, discusses how they are expanding the fresh premium Swiss chocolate and ongoing retail expansion in North America. He mentions Laderach as the largest premium chocolate store in Switzerland and one of the largest in the United States. He gave a brief history of Laderach, a third-generation family-owned business best renowned for fresh and seasonal chocolates. Laderach has built 40 outlets in the United States in less than two and a half years and continues to grow in the industry. He discusses the lessons they learned when they expanded to the US market, their challenges, and how they worked to expand Laderach. He delves into depth on embracing responsibility, market availability, and organizational adaptation. He highlights four or five private lessons learned in growing into a new market, learning in it, and how to be successful in most of it during a pandemic, as well as in establishing a brand. He briefly discusses consumer and industry trends, as well as how consumers are concerned about understanding where their food originates from. He also discusses the importance of store experience in retail and how they strive to maintain customer loyalty.

Laderach chocolatier Suisse is a premium maker of exquisite handcrafted Swiss chocolate based in Switzerland. Rudolph Läderach, a Swiss chocolatier, started the family-owned enterprise in Ennenda (Switzerland) in 1962. Läderach chocolate, now in its third generation, is the benchmark for quality fresh chocolate and one of the most well-known chocolate brands in Switzerland and across the world. Läderach won the 2018 World Chocolate Masters. Läderach Chocolatier Suisse has been committed with passion to producing chocolate that delights clients and exceeds their expectations for high-quality chocolate.

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