Driving the Food Technology Revolution with Healthy and Natural Food

João Guilherme Cruz, CO-Founder, and CEO of Tiffins, talks about how they are leveraging technology to enhance the supply chain and consumer experience with the goal of connecting healthy food suppliers to retailers. He provided additional background information on tiffins, a B2B app platform that links the premium food sector, including naturals, organics, vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, and similar foods. It is a platform where businesses can develop online shopping stores and customize prices, promotions, combos/kits, and subscriptions. He also discussed the problems they experienced when introducing new technologies in Brazil, since 99 percent of Brazilian firms do business offline with finance choices, taxes, and freight integrated, and how they dealt with those challenges while teaching merchants. He added that they wanted to be the platform for discussing the future of food, consumer trends, and helping food start-ups, small and large businesses in marketing themselves. We also discussed current consumer trends in the food sector and why nutritious food is vital in buying and selling.

Tiffins is a business-to-business platform and website that links merchants with suppliers in Brazil in a convenient and safe way. They create relationships and commercial prospects in the natural, healthy, and distinctive foods category.

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