Effectively Shaping the Future of Food Service Industry

In this episode, we talk with Danny Collis, President of Collis Group Inc, about how they are making sustainable product developments and manufacturing in the food service industry. During his early years of learning, Danny learned everything there was to know about the business of providing equipment for restaurants and other food services. He founded his current company (Collis Group Inc) in 1996, and it has been growing ever since as a supplier of industrial grade (resto grade) food services equipment. We also talked about the manufacturer’s representative organization, which sells everything from thermometers, toasters, ventilation hoods, and refrigerators. Collis’ motto is Exceptional Services, with a focus on speed, efficiency, and service. Danny shared the big shift in today’s time that restaurant prices are rising dramatically as labor and material costs rise. This calls into question the feasibility of established restaurant economic models and may serve as fuel for major business model modifications. Collis Group Inc. also assists restaurants in reducing costs by recycling cooking oil and much more. He also discusses the trends and issues in the food service business.

Collis Group Inc. was founded in 1996 with the goal of being a leader in the food service sector while providing the best possible customer service. It is a sales and marketing business that represents high-quality manufacturer’s products throughout Ontario and Western Canada. Their experts can in selecting particular equipment for food service applications.

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