Emerging Trends in Food Development and Production

In today’s episode of Future Food Cast, our host Chris Raczkowski interviews Stefan Czapalay, Owner of Signature Culinary Solutions, on emerging food business trends. Stefan developed an early interest in food and the restaurant industry, and he began working in it as a teen. Stefan has extensive experience in all facets of restaurant management at top-tier restaurants. He also discusses how the food manufacturing company Signature Culinary Solutions got started by dealing primarily with contract manufacturers, kitchens, and so on. He also mentioned how QR code adoption for marketing reasons is growing, and how this technology can be used for everything from content and supply chain transparency to tailored marketing hooks to engage customers.

Signature Culinary Solutions is based in Mississauga, Ontario, and is customer service and consulting firm specialized in culinary product creation, menu design, and manufacturing. They specialize in the development of grab-and-go fresh meals with a strong culinary impact for retail and catering. In addition to their own branded items, they have worked extensively on establishing private label food products and HMR menus for some of Canada’s and the world’s major shops and airlines.

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