Empowering Food Industry Brands to Be Scalable, Profitable, and Successful

In this episode, Anette Larrson, Founder and Managing Director of North International discuss how she assists food brands with business consultancy, strategy, and international expansion. She gave a quick overview of her background and how she started her business consulting firm. We also discuss her interest in consumer goods products, which helps in the launch of the product, and in understanding how people in different nations perceive brands and products, as well as the manner in which they consume them. She highlights how business consulting, data, and having an affordable product for consumers are all vital for having a successful firm. She discussed net sustainability and how the company’s aim now is to help the natural ecosystem. Consumers are increasingly interested in a brand’s story and how they function behind the scenes. She presented her thoughts on transparency from the perspective of customers, which may help companies succeed in the market. She discusses the key movements and trends in the food sector, and how online grocery shopping has altered as a result of customers’ decision-making power. She also discussed how she assists brands in terms of quality, packaging, waste recycling, and renewable energy.

NORTH Intl.- Based in Florida, specializes in brand marketing, sales management, and international growth strategies. Its main businesses are fast-moving consumer goods and technology appliances.

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