Exploring Sustainability: Locally Sourced Organic Produce for Perfect Pizza

In this episode, we speak with Dominic Fielden, Founder of Rocky Mountain Flatbread based out of #vancouver to discuss his family’s hospitality legacy and farm experiences that shaped his passion for the pizza industry. We delve into their non-profit, Earth Bites, and their commitment to local sourcing, pizza-making parties, and community support. Dominic shares how they’ve navigated challenges, including the impact of COVID-19, and their heartwarming initiative of donating a shipping container to indigenous communities, providing ongoing food sources, and raising bed gardens. We also explore their Frozen Pizza Category, where their team handcrafts a variety of flatbread pizzas at BC Bakery for sale frozen at grocery stores in BC & Alberta. Join us as we discover the power of local sourcing and organic produce in shaping a sustainable and impactful pizza industry. Know more at https://www.rockymountainflatbread.ca/

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