Exploring the Future and Sustainability of Protein in Our Diets

In this episode, Pam Leinmiller speaks with Vikas Nair, Co-founder and Business Development Manager of True Choice Foods, Inc, about how they are creating a line of innovative products with nutrition at the forefront. He also discussed the necessity of sustainability in human diets and how larger protein levels might be included. Vikas also highlighted his aim of providing higher protein foods to the globe by developing innovative food items devoid of synthetic preservatives/chemicals. He also discussed the challenges and trends he encountered during his business journey. We also discussed global safety initiative schemes that verify food quality and product safety, which are beneficial to consumers.

True Choice Foods Inc., Winnipeg, MB, Canada, was founded in 2021 with the goal of developing functional foods products that will improve our community’s well-being by lowering calorie intake while increasing protein intake through innovative yet natural food products free of synthetic preservatives.
They think that “Let Food Be Your Medicine” can help you achieve improved health and wellness.
“True Choice Foods is proud to be the first to provide Higher Protein Jams in Canada.”

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