Feathers, Feed, and Fortune: Building a Sustainable Future for Poultry Farming

Explore the inspiring journey of Tanmiah Food Company (https://tanmiah.com/), a leading Saudi Arabian poultry producer, in our interview with CEO, Mr. Zulfiqar Hamadani. Delve into their remarkable transformation from a humble feed mill into a sustainability leader. Discover how they overcame desert farming challenges through innovative solutions like climate-controlled poultry houses. Mr. Hamadani shares insights on their strategic partnerships, team empowerment strategies, and commitment to sustainable practices that set new standards in the food industry. Learn how Tanmiah not only navigated the disruptions of COVID-19 but thrived by prioritizing local production and reliability. Gain insights into their dedication to animal welfare and Halal certifications. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in leadership, sustainable agriculture, or overcoming challenges in the food industry.

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