Food Safety as a Part of Crisis Management Plan

This episode is all about food and beverage companies rethinking their crisis management and food safety policies. Steve Roberts, Global VP, Sales, Marketing, and Product Innovation at AIB International, discusses Pandemic Preparedness Certification, including what it is, why it is essential, and how it may help mitigate risk. He also discusses AIB’s efforts to make food safety culture a part of companies’ attitudes and missions. He also emphasizes the necessity of integrity in the food supply chain and how they bridge the food safety and online training gap internationally.

AIB International is based out of Manhattan and is committed to ensuring the safety of the global food supply chain and providing high-value educational and technical courses. They offer food safety inspections, audits, and certifications, as well as food safety and baking education and research and technical services to the food and beverage, warehousing and distribution, and food packaging sectors.

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