Food Security and Traceability: Unlocking the Value of Agri-Food Products

In this episode, we speak with Vishal Vijay, Director of Strategic Investments at Agrocorp International, to explore how they are bringing value and traceability to their agri-food products. Join us as we discover Agrocorp’s commitment to connecting farmers to dining tables globally, its expansion into the plant-based protein market, and the intriguing launch of the Herbyvore brand. We delve into the significance of food security, especially amidst challenges like the Russia/Ukraine conflict, and explore Agrocorp’s exciting downstream initiatives. Learn about their sustainability initiatives, cutting-edge research on protein extraction, and their collaborative efforts with universities for seed genomics. Uncover the secrets behind creating better crops with traits like insect resistance, drought tolerance, and enhanced flavor profiles.

Agrocorp International  based out of Singapore stands as one of the world’s leading integrated agricultural commodity and food solutions providers. Since its establishment in 1990, Agrocorp has expanded its presence worldwide and handled an impressive 11.5 million metric tonnes of goods in FY 2019. This significant volume has positioned Agrocorp as one of the largest movers of agricultural commodities globally, boasting a remarkable sales revenue of nearly US$3.3 billion.

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