Food Traceability – An assurance of Product Quality

In today’s podcast Episode 36- Food Traceability- An Assurance to Product Quality, our guest speaker Jayan Jacob Meledom, Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer, ActiveLogica Lifescience Innovations Private Limited & FQ Labs, discusses the benefits, challenges, and opportunities traceability provides and how, through research and development, they are assuring food quality, which can certainly be a great benefit for the consumers.

FQLab and Research Centre Private Limited is a NABL-accredited laboratory that offers analytical and R&D services to the food processing and export industries. It is handled by people with extensive expertise in quality control, food product analysis, and inspection. FQLab is a division of Synergy Systems, which has been providing professional services to the food processing and exporting industries since 1995. Our fundamental strength is a team of highly skilled individuals with many years of experience, unique skills, and worldwide exposure. FQLab is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for testing food samples and managed by technically competent and trained staff who are exposed to continuous competency development programs.

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