Fresh and Nutritious: Revolutionizing Food Accessibility and Sustainability

In this eye-opening episode featuring Bryce Fluellen, Executive Consultant–Social Equity and Franchise at Everytable. Explore how Everytable, a B-Corp, is reshaping the food industry, making wholesome meals affordable and accessible to all. Discover the fresh, chef-prepared goodness served daily, backed by a commitment to local ingredients. Learn about their innovative pricing model and retail experience, and gain insights into their impactful expansion plans. Uncover the Social Equity Franchise Program’s goal of 50-60 new stores, powered by foundations.

Everytable, the Los Angeles-based social enterprise, is rewriting the future of food by making fresh and nutritious meals accessible to all. Their mission is to create affordability without compromising quality. Everytable’s central kitchen crafts delectable meals from scratch daily, which are then made available through their conveniently located small-footprint stores. In a bid to further their reach and impact, they introduced two innovative channels in 2019: a meal subscription service, enabling doorstep delivery or pick-up, and the Everytable SmartFridge—a tech-enabled vending marvel placed in office buildings, college campuses, medical facilities, and beyond. Employees can effortlessly select their desired meals with a swipe of their card, courtesy of this ingenious solution.

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