Fresh ingredients and Nutrition driving Innovation in Baby Food Industry

In this episode, we speak with Rosalino Molina, Founder, and CEO  of La Huerta de Elisa, about the sustainable trends in organic ingredients and the nutritional benefits of infant food. We talked with Rosalina about how he started his company in Mexico and how they create these products to maintain particular shelf life and quality for #children. He also shared insights into how he sources nutritious local ingredients outside of packaged products that may be taken in a normal diet. He discussed how he developed his E-commerce website and distribution strategy to reach more people. We also discuss how he works with local suppliers in Mexico to produce fresh ingredients in products, as well as his ambition to position himself in the organic baby food industry. He also discussed packaging labeling, and how they utilize fresh fruits and vegetables with no additives.

La Huerta de Elisa is Mexico’s first locally inspired, all-natural baby food brand. Their products are purees for children aged 1 to 3, prepared from nutrient-dense natural Mexican foods including avocado, chia, amaranth, and mamey. Their baby food products are created in partnership with nutritionists to give the nutrients that children really need, in innovative and delicious recipes, and are always free of additives.

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