From Skyscraper to Supper: Dubai’s Vertical Food Revolution

Soar above the desert sands with Future Food Cast podcast episode guides you through the groundbreaking world of Bustanica, the crown jewel of vertical farming. Witness this technological marvel, from its humble beginnings securing Emirates Flight Catering’s greens to its current reign as the world’s largest, churning out over 3 tons of pesticide-free, ready-to-eat produce daily. Dive deep into its high-tech, climate-controlled walls, where innovative systems slash water usage by 95% and align with the UAE’s 2050 food strategy and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. (Imagine towering vertical gardens blooming amidst the desert, bursting with fresh, vibrant greens.) But Bustanica’s ambitions soar beyond the skies. Witness General Manager Feras El Soufi’s vision for empowering local food chains and revolutionizing regional markets with sustainable, locally-grown options. (Picture El Soufi, eyes filled with passion, outlining his vision for a greener food future.) This episode doesn’t just showcase innovation, it fuels collaboration and knowledge sharing within the food tech industry, leaving you hungry for a future where vertical farming tackles global challenges and paves the way for a more secure, delicious food system.

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