Future Food: Pioneering in the Plant-Based Meat Industry

In this episode, we talk with Nick Hazell, CEO & Founder of v2Food, about the plant-based meat industry and their product. He outlines his company’s aim and how he began exploring for sustainability opportunities in the plant-based meat market. He discusses the business model from a technological standpoint to address the pricey portion of the supermarket that is affordable, delicious, and available to everyone. He spoke on the sustainability of the food supply and how they are rethinking the food system and their commitment to the planet’s sustainability. V2food is not just interested in developing plant-based meat, but also in making goods that taste like soy, which is healthful and high in fibre. He also discusses how everyone in the raw business is seeking for low pricing, carbon-negative sustainability, and no flavor that taste like soy. He discussed protein bioavailability, specifically how plant proteins are not as bioavailable as meat and what he is doing to make his protein more bio-available.

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