Future Food – Sustainable Sourcing in the Specialty Tea Market

In today’s episode, Tracy Bell, Co-Founder, and CEO of Millennia Tea discuss,how they plan to help billions of people live longer, healthier lives by developing the worldwide category of frozen, edible tea. Tracy described how Millinnea Tea came to be as a result of her hunt for a solution with an entirely new category of tea, pick wash, and flash freeze on the day of harvest. We also talked about how they obtain organically produced, hand-picked tea from countries and growing conditions that produce the most antioxidants, and how they select farmers who care about their harvesters. She also mentions how Millenia Tea assists customers in offering healthy and nutritious tea for their daily wellness regimen. We talked about supply chain challenges and why transparency is important in the business and with consumers.

Millennia TEA, situated in Saint John, New Brunswick, is the pioneer of a new type of tea: fresh-leaf. They feel that tea, in its purest form, is an ideal partner for increasing clarity, attention, energy, and general well-being. Their purpose is to help people be healthier and happier by providing the freshest and most nutrient-dense teas available.

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