Future of Farming: The Role of Digitalization in Achieving Sustainability

To commemorate the 100th episode, we have a very special guest, Caroline Morissette, Vice President-Digital and Data at McCain Foods discusses how the digital revolution is transforming the agriculture industry and supporting the achievement of sustainability goals. She discussed her position at McCain Foods in collecting data from suppliers across agricultural, sales, commercial, and manufacturing. She discussed how the company is committed to sustainability and how they help growers. They aim for environmentally friendly farming and manufacturing practices. She provided brief insights into the regenerative agricultural framework, which aims to lessen environmental impact. She highlighted the data and digital technologies they are working on, as well as a project precision harvest, which is assisting farmers in understanding when to harvest in order to maximize their payables and overall output so that they can obtain the greatest quality potatoes. We also addressed the supply chain problems and how they are striving to make the products available to consumers. We talked about how McCain Foods is investing in three Farms of the Future to enhance sustainable farming techniques and explore innovative agricultural technologies.

McCain Foods is based out of Toronto, is a privately held family business with over 60 years of expertise, and has a presence in over 160 countries. Their principles and culture are essential to all they do. They remain a global leader in prepared potato products, including famous French fries and appetizers.

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