Future of Food: Supporting the Growth of the Food Processing Industry

In today’s episode with Tammy Brideau, Executive Director of Food and Beverage Atlantic. discusses with our host, Chris Raczkowski,  on how Food and Beverage Atlantic assists and supports food processors and manufacturers in their growth and efficiency. She also discusses how they assist 230 manufacturers in their growth by bridging the gap or developing training opportunities connected to food safety, food security, sales marketing, and visibility distributions on how to be successful in the food sector. She also discusses how product traceability is of significant importance to food and beverage brands, end producers, and consumers, but full traceability/transparency is difficult to accomplish due to technical implementation challenges. Tammy has created an online portal to allow quick access to these suppliers in order to speed up business interactions and transactions, thus creating an online marketplace for food professionals. She also discussed significant food industry trends and challenges such as healthier foods, plant-based foods, and product content transparency.

Food and Beverage Atlantic (FBA) is situated in Canada and is dedicated to advancing the success of food and beverage firms throughout the region. They provide programming focused on the sustainability and growth of the Atlantic Canada food and beverage sector, from farmers markets to international markets.

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