Future of Kitchen – Sustainable Innovative Approach to reduce Food Waste

In this episode, we talk with Einav Gefen, Senior Vice President – Chef| Innovator of Restaurant Associates, on sustainable methods for food waste reduction and innovations in the food service industry. Eiven highlighted how they focus on healthier eating to prevent food waste and how they can reuse it in dining. She goes into depth about how they work with businesses and institutions to invest in the quality of food and make the most of healthy food in innovative ways by maximizing food usage and minimizing waste in the backend. She also discusses how they are working to reduce the use of animal protein. She talks about her passions, which helps her to know more about the food and beverage industry. She emphasizes the importance of sustainability and delivering nutritious meals to people without harming the planet. Eivan discusses the culture of caring, which involves not just the clients but also the individuals they feed. She discussed training efforts and opportunities. She outlines how digitalization and technology are gaining traction in the food sector, with a focus on food waste reduction, and how consumers want to understand more about the food they eat.

Restaurant Associates (R/A) is the nation’s leading hospitality firm, with over 160 notable locations. Based in New York City, the company offers luxury cuisine services to museums, performing arts centres, aquariums, corporate meals, educational facilities, and off-premise catering events in New York City, Boston, Hartford, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Toronto. R/A is a part of the world’s premier foodservice enterprise, Compass Group, The Americas Division.

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