Green Revolution Chronicles: Transformative Eco-Friendly Technologies

In this episode, explore Cargill Bio Industrial’s commitment to sustainable, bio-based solutions with Javiera F. McGuiggan, AVP and Global Director of Power System-Bioindustrial at Cargill. Uncover their innovative approach in animal nutrition, protein, starches, and edible oils, replacing harmful ingredients and focusing on both feeding people and creating bio-based solutions. Delve into the circular economy through oil recycling and discover transformative products like vegetable-based transformer oil. Learn about impactful options such as recycled oils in packaging, starch-based additives, bio-based coolants, and lubricants, contributing to a greener future. Join the conversation on CBI’s journey towards innovation and sustainability. Keywords: Cargill Bio Industrial, sustainability, bio-based solutions, circular economy, recycled oils, innovation, safety, carbon footprint

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