Harvest to Home: The Quest for Traceable Organic Food

In this episode, we spoke with Jason Freeman, Founder and CEO of Farmer Direct Organic about how they are creating a product that is 100% organic, 100% traceable back to the family farm, and 100% tested for pesticides and herbicides. We discuss offering both gluten and gluten-free options. The company is focused on social justice and promoting fair treatment for farm workers, as well as animal welfare. We also delve into government regulation surrounding these issues and the difference in hydroponic practices between the US and Canada. The moral of the story is that building integrity in your supply chain will be rewarded by the market. For aspiring entrepreneurs, control over decision-making is important, and setbacks and failures are inevitable. The company is also exploring ways to scale sustainably, including the implementation of ancient technology from Amazon.

About Farmer Direct Organic- Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, gets the best quality certified organic grains, seeds, and legumes directly from family farms in the United States and Canada. They strive for a food future that benefits consumers, farmers, and the environment.

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