Healthy Bites: Exploring Regulations, Nutrition and Recipes in the Food Industry

In this episode, we interview Brian Hofemeier, the Vice President of Government Sales and Education at JTM Food Group. He discusses the government’s regulation of the food industry, the supply chain and ingredient sourcing, and how JTM Food Group provides nutritious food to K12 schools. Brian also explains his role at JTM and how the company offers a variety of food products for restaurants, schools, colleges, and universities, focusing on kettle-cooked items such as macaroni and cheese and ethnic sauces. He touches on the importance of following government rules and regulations for food businesses that receive funding from the government. We also talk about JTM’s efforts in reducing fat and sodium in their food-for-school programs and how they work with multiple suppliers to maintain ingredient quality.

About JTM Food Group- Based out of Harrison, Ohio, specializes in providing menu solutions that deliver superior results to the Foodservice Industry. Owned and operated by the Maas family, JTM is focused on customer service, quality and innovation. JTM serves thousands of schools, restaurants, military and government organizations, and food distributors and retailers throughout the country and abroad.

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