How Delivery Automation Platform Can Help the Food Industry?

Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO of Loginext, chats with our host Pam Leinmiller on the difficulties and developments in the food sector in the latest episode of the Future Food Cast podcast, “How Delivery Automation Platform Can Help the Food Industry.” He also explained how his digital automated platform works and how it may assist food companies in moving away from food aggregators. He discussed how today’s consumers expect speedy delivery of their online food and how businesses may help them counteract this. He shared insights how ETA forecasts are the most important differentiation and how first mile, middle mile, and last mile use brands may span the entire logistics area, as well as accept any data that the user wishes to collect and track.

LogiNext is a global technology and automation company that specialises in transportation, home deliveries, omni-channel fulfilment, and B2B distribution. LogiNext has helped its clients digitise and optimise order scheduling, customer communication, routing, dispatching, and real-time tracking to cut logistics costs and achieve operational excellence. LogiNext is a SaaS application that can be configured for CEP (Courier, Express, and Parcel), QSR chains, Retail & eCommerce, and Transportation. It has over 200 clients in over 50 countries. LogiNext, based in New York, has received $50 million in private equity funding from Alibaba-backed companies Tiger Global Management and Steadview Capital over three rounds. Regional offices are located in Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta.

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