How Healthy Fast-Casual Restaurants Drive Successful Franchisees?

In this episode with Mark Setterington, Co-Founder and CEO of Island Fin Poke Company, share his restaurant industry experience and successful franchising concept. Mark gave his thoughts on how to find the right partners. He also discusses the restaurant’s house-made sauces and meals, as well as how they keep the quality of their ingredients intact. . He also gave advice on how to keep the franchisor-franchisee relationship strong. He talked about the new digital software that would enable their guests to immerse themselves in the island experience by utilizing its surf cam function, which live-streams video of the waves on Hawaii’s North Shore.

Mark and Paul founded Island Fin Poke Company in 2016. The team had the vision to open a fast, casual restaurant that offers incredible Hawaiian-style poke in a cool-casual setting, moving you from your daily routine to a surf shack on the beach. You will taste the tastes of the islands through their handmade sauces, 25 toppings, and sustainably sourced fish.

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